Consultations are possible on site, by phone or online

We offer you – especially also in Corona times – psychological support!

Appointments for consultations must be arranged in advance by phone with the Office (Secretariat) during the opening hours listed below. For on-site consultations, please note the specific Corona protection measures. Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy! …Further information


Counselling Centre of the Universities of Bern (Beratungsstelle der Berner Hochschulen), Erlachstrasse 17, 3012 Bern, Phone 031 635 24 35, Site map

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5pm, Friday until 4.30pm.
The Counselling Centre is also open during the semester break (please note the corresponding special opening hours).

Contact us

  • Registration for a consultation: You can register for a consultation in which we respond individually to your questions and concerns. You can make an appointment by phone (031 635 24 35) or in person (Erlachstrasse 17, Berne) with the Office (Secretariat). It is not possible to register for a consultation by e-mail.
  • Office (Secretariat): For general enquiries, please contact our Office, which will be happy to help you.
  • Library: In our Library you can have a look around and borrow information folders and books without prior notice. It is closed on Wednesday morning.
  • Mail Counselling for Students: If you are enrolled at one of the Bernese Universities (University of Bern, Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, PHBern), you can send us your request by e-mail. This can be a question of fact or a personal concern. Please note that the Mail Counselling for Students is not intended for making appointments. Appointments for a personal consultation can be made by phone (031 635 24 35) or in person (Erlachstrasse 17, Bern) with the Office (Secretariat). Further information on Mail Counselling can be found here.

Emergency Situation

During Office Hours

In the event of a crisis, you can contact the Counselling Centre of the Universities of Bern during the office hours: Erlachstrasse 17, Bern, Phone 031 635 24 35, Site map

Outside Office Hours

Psychiatric Emergency Service Inselspital: Phone 031 632 88 11 (24h/day), Website
University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Murtenstr. 21
3008 Berne
The first point of contact in a psychiatric emergency is usually the family doctor or specialist. If these are not available, you can contact the Psychiatric Emergency Service of the Inselspital at any time.

MEDPHONE Emergency number: Phone 0900 57 67 47 (24h/day; CHF 3.23/min), Website
If required, experienced counsellors will put you in touch with the psychiatric specialist on duty.

City Notfall (Emergency) Bern: Phone 031 326 20 00 (every day 7am-10pm), Website
Schanzenstrasse 4A
3008 Berne
Medical Emergency Office offering consultations without an appointment.

Die Dargebotene Hand (literally: Offered Hand): Phone 143 (24h/day), Website
This number is available around the clock to put you in touch with trained people who will take the time to listen and talk to you.

Contact for Website:
Sara Bürkli

Beratungsstelle der Berner Hochschulen Erlachstrasse 17 CH-3012 Bern Tel. +41 31 635 24 35